About Us

Turner & Hernshaw (T&H) is a finance, tax and training consultancy firm.

We are also a market leader in Transaction Management, Business Process Re-engineering, Stock Control, Monitoring and Evaluation, Budget developmen and Outsourced accounting services

T&H has extensive consultancy  experience in the advertising, real estate, manufacturing, pharmaceutical industries, fleet transport companies,  hotels, bars and restaurants,non-government institutions, Fair trade and other non profit organizations (NGOs).

We have vast experience in optimization of accounting softwares and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs) programmes including Quickbooks, Sage Evolotion ERP and Navision ERP. T&H makes an independent reviews of your  finance, tax and administration needs to arrive at an ideal solution since all organizations are unique.

We have also developed a simple model (“T&H Waterproof”) to solve the age old challenge of stocks within organizations.
For more information and a proposal to you, feel free to contact us on info@turner-hernshaw.com or call us today.