Diaspora Financial Services

This division was created by T&H to serve Kenyans concentrated in the Americas, Europe and in other African states.

The following are services available to citizens abroad:

1. Registration

We aide in registration of sole proprietorship, partnerships, limited companies, trust deed and non-governmental organisations from the government of Kenya registry.

2. Independent Financial Services
T&H conducts independent audit services at the behest of our clients with diligence, integrity and focus. A final report to document our findings is prepared after each task as required. Some critical services include:

a) Property search – An independent property search from any lands office registar in Kenya or in the case of  vehicles, the National Transport and Safety Authority (NITA)

b) Physical property audit – Audit through visits to the physical location and presence through video footage or camera image evidence on parcels of land, fencing work, or buildings to ensure activities (or no activities) on property are authorised and taking place

c) Impromptu Audits – To safeguard individual, family and company assets, we conduct independent activities of asset utilisation and revenue generation. Certain projects include :

* independent verification of actual tenant occupancy against caretaker/real estate agent reports

* verification of site activities during real estate construction to ascertain, actual contractor attendance, casual wage bill values, building material delivery and etc

d) Business Research and planning programmes – T&H conducts business venture feasibility studies on behalf of our clients to provide statistics on Kenya’s market in sectors identified for analysis. These include business registration, licenses, permits, business competition, capital requirements, anticipated asset acquisition costs, estimated establishment costs such as rental charges and communication amongst other investment costs

3. Tax consultancy matters
a) Tax compliance – We guide and consult on individuals and their companies with an objective of complying within Kenya’s Income Tax Act, Value Added Tax Act and Excise Act in line with Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA’s) guidelines.

b) Tax returns – In line with Kenya’s guidelines, T&H consults clients to ensure compliance is managed and documented. We also aide in updating tax statuses for Kenyans abroad with Kenya Revenue Authority to pave a way forward.

c) Investment options – At T&H we guide existing and possible investors on optimal investment mixes to make.

For more information on the above or on other needs as a diaspora citizen, Contact us or email us on info@turner-hernshaw.com today.