Financial Consultancy

“Take care of the pence, and the pounds shall take care of themselves”

Finance is a key division of any business entity.

The more your business entity focuses on finance functions, the less tax liabilities, unrealized revenues and unnecessary expenses it accrues.

We render consultancy and specialize services on the following;

1. Business Plans and Projections
Investors of new business ideas and extensions of projects require a business plan to assess viability of a project.This document can also be used to sell the idea to private equity financiers and financial institutions such as banks.T&H has worked with clients to prepare these valuable documents.

2. Bookkeeping services
This involves preparation of periodic reports of a business entity. T&H uses transaction documents such as bank records, client invoices and purchase documents to carry out this service either at your premises or ours. Work is computerized through an accounting software.

3. Systems, Controls and Procedures (SCP’s)
What are the effects of weak SCPs?
Effects include fraudulent transactions on sales and purchases by staff and clientèle, stock theft, pilferage, cost of sales wastage, mismanagement of company resources such as motor vehicles, equipment and machinery….the list is endless. In order for a business entity to function effectively and efficiently, SCP’must exist.

We at T&H provide expertise on two levels;design and implementation of new SCP’s.

‘We prepare document flow charts and authorization levels on your transaction processes. Organizations require an assessment of their existing SCP’s where a recommendation report is provided.

4. Tax assessments and advice
T&H reviews your financial and tax position and provides tax assessment reports that declare anticipated tax liabilities by the authorities, provide tax advice to you and recommendations on tax avoidance.

These services are rendered to individuals, sole proprietorships, partnership, limited companies and non-government organizations.

5. Resellers of Quickbooks Pro and Quickbooks Premier software
We aide organizations in developing and creating budgets. Interested clients can also receive monitoring and evaluation ( & E) reports of budgets against actual performance. This applies to profit and not-for-profit organizations.

6. In-house training
Turner and Hernshaw has worked with business establishments to provide capacity building of in-house finance and procurement department staff members. Objectives include improving transaction management, periodic reporting, profitability reports and project reporting.

7. Audited reports

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