Finance consultancy for
our clients

Our client needs are unique and we at Turner & Hernshaw will always meet their expectations.

Our Price

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Basic Plan

Basic consultancy services
$300 - 1,000
These include regular basic book keeping services, basic inventory reconciliation, tax return filing and provision of management report.

Super Plan

Intermediary finance and tax consultancy services
$1,000 - 5,000
Financial consultancy includes internal audit, audit or preparation of business manuals (controls and systems), inventory management, tax advisory, automation implementation and financial reporting.

Ultimate Plan

Advanced and sophisticated financial consultancy solutions
$5,000 - 300,000
Advanced Financial consultancy including due diligence audits, creation of business plans, business loan application, tax advisory and aide in tax tribunal appeal planning, ERP and other software implementation, inventory monitoring and management, budget creation, internal audit function and development of a financial strategic plan.

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