At Turner and Hernshaw, we listen to your business needs and arrive at solutions that are affordable and can be implemented readily into any organization.

Our solutions to clients are either basic or advanced level and is dependent on engagement and a customer’s brief, budget and phase preference.

Basic solutions include provision of simple advice,  billing, filing tax returns on your behalf, accounting information data entry on your behalf, preparing books of accounts, set up of inventory management systems, preparing financial reports and basic tax advisory.

More advanced options include you outsourcing Turner and Hernshaw as a fully fledged accounting department, provision of outsourced accounting and tax staff, consultancy and installation of accounting softwares and different types of Enterprise Resource Programes (ERPs) including transition, development of business manuals (document flow processes and systems, controls and procedures), training your accounting staff on proper data into accounting software chart of account ledgers for accurate reports,  aiding in preparation of audit schedules, guidance on compliance of tax and other statutory deductions, optimizing transactional management, inventory management consultancy, audit of document flow processes, creation of periodic budgets, cashflow projection plans, financing requirements for financial institutions, development of 3 to 10 year business plans, design of finance strategies amongst other consultancy abilities.

Since client challenges are unique and at times are based on the growth curve phase their business or organization is facing, we find it important to listen to you before arriving at  these solutions. Our advisory is relevant to profit making and non-profit making organizations.

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