T&H Training Centre

Our centre is registered by National Industrial Training Authority (N.I.T.A.) as seminar trainers.

At T&H Training Centre, we focus our efforts to improve personal skills and capacity building. Employers may approach us to develop need-based content and skills gap solutions. However, below are our most popular seminars:

  • Personal finance planning skills – how to spend your income, save and investment options

This is our most requested seminar. We target low cadre staff and medium income level employees. Financial planning on how to reduce personal expenditure, improve savings and various options available within the region is revealed. T&H uses the old age Babylonian methods of handling personal funds and we take our participants through ten principles that the wealthiest people in the world practice in order to inculcate an objective approach. By the end of their training, participants realize their power of control in regards to disposable income,choices they can make and on how o positively look into the future.

  • Understanding financial reports by non-finance executives – what are financial and management reports?

While business owners, not-for-profit organization leaders, company heads of department, general managers,chief financial executives and boards of directors understand business transactions and make sound decisions., several do not understand key financial reports such as Profit and Loss account, Balance Sheet and Cash flow statements. At T&H, we take such leaders through understanding and deciphering financial reports and cost accounting reports in a simplified step by step method.By the end of a seminar, our participants are ready for their financial managers, auditors and other counterparts.

  • Entrepreneurship skills – how to select, open, register and run a business

We take potential entrepreneurs through registration and buildup of a business idea, or improvement of an existing one. Emphasis is laid on financial affairs such as basic accounting skills a participant is required to know,marketing skills, operations and sales.

  • General communication skills, etiquette and personal grooming – aligning staff culture and behaviour to to an organization’s brand

In an organization, intra-department, inter-department and external party communication skills are enhanced to improve employee skills. Seminar content includes, personal grooming and appropriate dress codes and generally acceptable etiquette to harmonize personal and organizational cultural habits.

  • Motivation – Staff self esteem

Why is an employee terminated in one organization, while they turn into an asset in another employer’s location? One reason is staff and self motivation.

  • Basic accounting skills – bookkeeping skills, document retention and best practice methods

Finance department staff are provided refresher courses on transaction impact and management.

For more information, visit our offices in Thika or contact us on info@turner-hernshaw.com or call us on +254 20 2066 405.