T&H Charitable Trust

Turner & Hernshaw charitable trust was finally approved in March 2011.

Our objective is to penetrate the rural areas and secondary schools in East Africa that require education on a number of finance matters including training rural enterprise groups and SME’s on basic accounting skills, personal finance planing and entrepreneurship.

This is an organization which is funded by T&H, independent donors and philanthropists to conduct training to community based groups and entrepreneurs in non-urban areas on personal finance planing, optimal choices of business startups and learning basic accounting skills.

The board of trustees shall be bequeathed the task of offering free or subsidized training services across the country on finance, entrepreneural and environmental matters.

Of essence is the need to focus on marginalized or less fortunate micro finance and small entrepreneurship groups of persons with or without secondary education level.

If you wish to learn more, support us financially or in kind, please email us on trust@turner-hernshaw.com

For those generous enough, without your donations, we would not be where we are.Thank you.