T&H Charitable Trust

Turner & Hernshaw Charitable trust was registered in March 2011.

Our objective has been to penetrate the rural areas and secondary schools in Kenya to train potential and existing entrepreneurs on building their business dreams into startups, learn how to register a business, learn basic basic book keeping, basic taxation and basic accounting.

The charitable trust is funded by several sourced – the business section of Turner and Hernshaw, independent donors and philanthropists.

We provide free and subsidised training service clinics across the country on entrepreneurial skills. Our Trustees focus on marginalised or less fortunate entrepreneurs – especially women – with minimal or no tertiary education.

If you wish to learn more, support us financially or in kind, please email us on trust@turner-hernshaw.com   or make a donation through our bank account:

Bank                      : Stanbic bank

Branch                  : Upperhill, Nairobi

Account number : 0100001866499

For those who continue to fund us, including the discrete, without your donations, we would not be where we are.Thank you.