Financial Consultancy

“Take care of the pences, and the pounds shall take care of themselves”

The finance department is a key division of any business entity.

The more your business entity focuses on finance functions, the less tax liabilities, unrealised revenues and unnecessary expenditure it accrues.

We render consultancy and specialise services on the following;

1. Business Plans and Projections
Investors of new business ideas and extensions of projects require a business plan to assess viability of a project. This document can also be used to sell the idea to private equity financiers and financial institutions such as banks. T&H has worked with clients to prepare these valuable documents.

2. Systems, Controls and Procedures (SCP’s)
What are the effects of weak SCPs?

Effects include fraudulent transactions on sales and purchases by staff and clientele, stock theft, pilferage, cost of sales wastage, mismanagement of company resources such as motor vehicles, equipment and machinery….the list is endless. In order for a business entity to function effectively and efficiently, SCP’s must exist.
Development and implementation of this architecture is our objective.Document flow charts are prepared and authorisation levels are determined on your transaction processes. Organisations require an assessment of their existing SCP’s.

3. Bookkeeping services
This involves preparation of periodic reports of a business entity from accounting documents. Revenue, procurement, asset and bank related transactions are captured on an accounting software.. We aide your firm in budget preparation and strategic financial planning too.

4. Forensic and other audited reports
Statutory and non-statutory audited accounts may be discussed further.

Taxation planning

Parliaments in East Africa have over the last few years strengthened  tax related statutes. Consequently, current and relevant Act provisions continue to affect organizations in favorable ways. However, non compliance is punitive to any organization.

T&H guides you on individual or business taxation and consults on all areas of taxation.
1. Payroll tax exposure
2. Transactional tax exposure in accounting systems
3.  Capital  or equity tax exposure
4.  Revenue and cost tax exposure